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Just wanted to say...

 ...that I am REALLY not used to doing homework these days. The Ed. Psych. Prof has already sent me back two items to reformat, and classes started on the 16th. Oof. More will come later, but right now if I don't have work that I have to do, I won't do it. Call me lazy, I say I am on summer vacation and can be lazy if I want to be. How is that for selfish?

One Day

 One day to go, and classes are OVER! No more will I have to worry about teaching... that is... until the fall. More thoughts coming, but currently, I am going to get to bed early so tomorrow can come!
PS. Night at the Museum 2 is good, if you liked the first one. 

Hoping, wishing, dreaming

 I hope for this, I wish for that, I dream of everything else. Why am I never satisfied? Yet I am, while I am still not. What is the reasoning behind all of these confusing times? Is there a reason, or is it purely haywire because life is in itself a haywire mess that we all slog through hoping for reason and purpose behind all that we do? 
Sigh. I am going to play guitar...

In memory...

 Memorial Day. Thanks troops! You get a bum rap, but you guys really do an outstanding job, and this hippy-wait, hippy? does this imply that I am hippy or am a hippy? Why does the term denote having large hips? How did this come about? Did they discover that smoking illicit substances causes ones hips to be more pronounced? Does it cause them to grow? Does it cause people to lose weight so that their hips show more? Do people who like peace for some reason like hippopotomoses? Or is the term Hippie? I am confused....-is all about some peace, but I also understand that when it is time to fight, it is time to fight indeed. So thank you!

So testing is today

 So testing is today. I am not working right now, because during testing no connect classes happen, and I am a connect teacher. So part of me is REALLY happy about it, and part of me is rather disappointed, because now I have nothing to do. Well, not really nothing to do, but I will not be having classes as I usually would, and so for the next 2 hours? I will have no classes, and will need to entertain myself. Which, I can look up songs for the 5th graders, and I can read about testing specifics for next week when I am helping out, but as for now… I am writing an lJ post. You would think that I would be able to write about something different, but the extremely personal word document that I am going to write needs to take place over the summer where I am using my own computer, not the schools’, because then it is more justified. If they were to confiscate my flash drive then I would be in trouble, but as it stands today I am pretty free. Which again, is nice but isn’t.


Almost like a catch-22. Amazing, how the title of one book can become the perfect phrase for describing a term that is indeed rather lengthy to describe without the phrase.


Time to get to work.


So, tests are no longer about finishing on time, now they are about finishing. No more spatial deadlines forcing the students to think under pressure. Now they all have to do is finish in however many minutes they need, yet we still time them. Do you understand that? Because I don't...


I need to create more. 


 I am waiting for my chili to heat up. It is pretty tasty, I made it the other night out of the Joy of Cooking that I got for christmas from my parents. (75th anniversary edition) and it is uber tasty! The receipe lets the cook decide on the number of jalopenos, and I went for the higher end, being 6, seeds included, for within the seeds are the heart of the spice. I mean, when else can you have so much heat in something so small? I am really glad for it for the flavor definitely has a kick to it, however.... i left out the salt when I was making it. I didn't realize it until I was lying on my back in bed after eating and cleanup, but no salt whatsoever was added to the concoction. So let me go do that now that it is less of a solid chunk of chili-ice than it was... I mean, I kind of can't believe that I forgot the salt. and I knew it was missing, that is the thing. I knew that something was off, and I am guessing that that was it, because I made everything else exactly the same as last time. 

EOG's continue onwards. Tomorrow I get to administer the last of them for the year, and then only a few more short days and SUMMERTIME! Oh how I look forward to summer... yes I will have to still pay rent, pay bills, and work at muddys, but I don't have to teach! I can actually call up my friends with the intention of a 2-3 hour conversation and not have to have it in the car. I can even... *gasps* VISIT them!!! I haven't seen most of them for 4 months, and it'll be 5 by the time school is out and I am able to go places. But that is something I am looking forward to. 
Ok, I can smell it now, so I think it is ready. 

Oh wait... you aren't here to have it with me.... *is sad*

Effectively posting!

 So once again I have the itch to post, but am really not sure what I want to post about. Oh! One thing I do want to say. Ladies, I know that there are certain items of dress that you want to wear to attract men, make you feel good/sexy, etc. HOWEVER! If you are in public and wearing a skirt, please don't adjust your thong. It is rather obvious, and if the guy you were with-I will go with husband because of the ring on your finger-knew you were going to do that, he probably would have dutifully moved behind you so as to allow for the greater obscurity of the deed. I try to watch where my eyes wander, and that definitely pulled them towards that. So please be careful where you adjust. Oh! Adjust where you adjust! Yesss!!! Woot for the pun! 

So I just found out that lJ saves your titles, so I can see which letter of the alphabet I have used in a title! Sweet! Will I remember to do that? NO, but it is worth a shot. 

Have you ever broken a bone? I haven't yet (knock on wood to drive the evil fairies out so they do not cause me to break my arm, which is the actual reason people knock on wood) and I have heard that it is that deep unsettling pain. Not a sharp pain, not really a dull pain, but an inner twinging pain. and we have New Guinea Kuta in! We are having to order from counter culture at the main store, and we are getting in some coffees that we used to carry! It is rather exciting to have some old favorites. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is one of mine-as is the Kuta, obviously-and we were brewing that today, which was nice. We also got a Bwani variety or varietal in, so I am pondering how that one will taste. But I need to go get food before work. 
Peace and Biscotti!


I miss college. I know that I need to move on with my life, not dwell on the past, and that last year at this time is probably a post saying the exact same thing, but I really do miss college. 

Community Potluck

 This idea was sparked while reading over the New York Times® homepage. They had a tag about how people are coping with the recession, and what they are doing about it. One person said that they had potluck dinners with their family and friends instead of eating out. What if we were to do that? What if we got everyone on a street together and shared a potluck meal? In cooking one dish per family that can feed 4, if 8 families get together, that is 32 different servings. And what cooked meal is only good for 4 people? Most casserole dishes are good for 8, depending on the dish. So if 2 families bring enough for 8, 4 bring enough for 6, and two bring enough for 4, that is 48 servings of food. Leftovers, anyone?


So I would posit that we start having neighborhood potlucks. Find an open area, and don’t worry about tables or chairs. You could swap houses every week it happens, have the hosts only responsible for drinks or desserts – because lets face it, they will be cleaning before everyone shows up so lets not give them the added stress of worrying about having a dish. But how cool would that be? People banding together during the recession, making their collected resources greater as a completed whole than they would as parts. 

It is hot outside, and sticky-humid. So why don't I have the AC on? 


 Ok, so I notice things. Not big things, and lots of times things that do not matter or I construe them to mean something completely other than what they originally mean. BUT! I do notice when you hand me change back at the store that you could have handed me a quarter and a nickel instead of 3 dimes, and you would have saved 1 scoop of the change, not to mention the time it took to make that scoop and the space in my pocket. Now 3 dimes are smaller, but still, for less energy you could get the same amount in less coinage. Occums Razor. Now I know that the 3 dimes take up less space, and given that 43 cents was given back to me in change then he could have just made one 4-dime swoop, but he didn't. Not to mention that it will stretch his change out longer if he spaces it out. Dimes are usually the first to go, then pennies, then quarters, then finally nickels. 

Another thing. When ringing people up, I notice when the bypass the easier change option. a drink costs 4.75? I noticed that you passed over ones and a 5 to get to the 10, and hand me the 10 to get 5.25 back. ?????? .... and then you don't tip? How does that work? Do you just like filling your wallet with five-spots? I dunno, people sometimes...