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A post a post

So I have a post written that I emailed to myself so I could access it, but the computer was acting funny... ok.

Have you ever had one of those mornings when no matter how hard you try, you just don't ever seem to wake up? It is past noon, and I have been awake for about 6 hours now, or will be by the time that I finish this entry. I finally feel as awake as I need to start the school day. The problem is that I started the school day 3 1/2 hours ago. I have 3 hours of class today, and I didn't wake up at all during those classes. I was chugging that coffee, but it just didn't work this morning. (It's now sitting nicely at 70 degrees, the temperature of my classroom) I forwent the yoga that I was planning to do, the one routine that I actually know. It is a strength/stamina routine, and when I am done with it I am sweating, which still surprises me some days. But today I stretched a bit on the floor, but nothing as strenuous as the routine that I forwent. So without getting my blood pumping to wake up, I am still fighting bouts of dozyness.

I imitate writing styles. Some friends of mine, when writing music on a certain day actually stop listening to music so that it doesn't effect them as they write. It doesn't matter what I have listened to, I can write music however I want. But if I try to write something after I have read something else, then it will imitate that which I had just read. I remember trying to write a story once, to keep a friend company over AIM, and it was great, because the story was a combination of the styles found in Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and The princess bride. Unfortunately, I didn't save what I had written, so it is lost. I have the second half of chapter one, and the beginnings of chapter two, but it doesn't feel right, so I just stopped writing it.

So about 3 hours after writing that, I am no longer tired, but still kinda foggy in the brain. I don't know what it was. I got about as much sleep last night as I usually do, but for some reason nothing seemed to motivate me. Not even my morning coffee. I had it, and I was more awake, but it didn't have it's usual effect. But onwards!



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