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He's Back!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen! I am back to posting somewhat regularly thanks to the advent of school! Once again I am thrown into this mix of classes and children and having to be adult and in charge. I had someone tell me recently that I am officially an adult since I have a full-time Job. Apparently the weeks I worked 50 hours at two different jobs counted, but one job, working 40 hours a week, well that means something. Not that I don't understand what they were saying or resent them for saying that, I completely understand, and yes, for some reason I feel more adult-ish than normal. I had to go out and buy some more work shirts since I have 5 that I regularly wear, and I need a few more so that I am not just wearing the same shirts every day of the week. I now own 8 - and a Star Wars shirt! So I am happy with that shopping experience.
I think that it is weird that I barely posted anything over the summer aside from the whole "Well, I felt like posting 2 hours ago, but right now I am tired and have no motivation, so this is all you get." yet now suddenly I have the energy and motivation to write them. Procrastination is amazing isn't it?
Classes are not just starting for me, but for my friends at college (or the one in grad school) and my gf. So we are all in the same boat, except not really. They are all taking input, having to write papers, and learn about their topics in depth. I am on the opposite end. I know about my topic-though I dare not say in depth-and I have to give output for my students to get what I am trying to tell them. How will the 5th graders act this year? Last year they acted like they didn't care, and I had a hard time trying to get them motivated or interested in music. Will last years fourth graders be any more excited at the outset, or will they just show up because they are in elementary school and have to? All the teachers are gone right now at a pizzaria, laughing it up and enjoying their company, yet I brought my lunch and now get to stay here, isolated in my room, brooding within these brightly colored walls. Granted, I didn't know about the lunch today, and going out to eat isn't the best way to save money and live wisely like I am trying to do, so when I found out I chose to sit and eat lunch by myself. I have the outlines for the next school week finished. Now I have to work on getting all of the lesson plans done. I didn't really use them last year, but I do need to have them written up for our shiney new evaluation system. (Rock and Roll Fantasy, Bad Company. Good song)
Well, I think that this is enough procrastination for the moment, so I think that I will go back to writing out my lesson plans. Mach's Gute!


Aug. 25th, 2009 03:58 am (UTC)
OK, like, for serious, we need to talk. I'm going to call you tomorrow until you pick up. And you thought you were going to slip those two letters in unnoticed. I am onto you, sir.



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